October 12, 2009

Thank you Grandparents! (from Lylah)

Lylah made a haul this year, thanks to extended family!

She was excited about her presents, can you tell?

She loved the wrapping paper so much we had a hard time getting her to actually get to the presents.

My mom made her a quillow (fleece blanket that folds into a pillow). She loves it, this is what she does every time she sees it. Thank you Blue Grandma!

My brother and his family gave her a Mr. Potato Head. I think Mariah has rather dominated this toy, but Lylah is very intrigued by it and tries to get it back. She always laughs when Mariah puts things in the wrong place. They have an amazing ability to make each other laugh, they are so cute. Thank you for Mr. Potato Head Jared, Christine, and Lucas!!!

She was really good at grabbing the paper to open her presents.

I don't think she liked this one very much! ;) Grandma Tandberg gave her this little kitty, she loves it. Thank you Grandma! She gives the kitty a hug by putting it between her chin and her chest and walks around with it there.

Thank you for all of the presents, she loves all of them!!!

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julie Tandberg said...

OH What a delight to see these birthday pictures!!! I am so glad she likes her kitty. I really liked it too.