October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the pumpkin patch the end of September with Steven's brother Dan and his family. We had such a good time!
We told Mariah she could pick her own pumpkin to carve!

Lylah had a little bit of a hard time balancing on this pumpkin, but she sure is cute!

Sweet pumpkin girls.
Mariah thinks she can pull Lylah around and Lylah isn't very fond of it.

Steven is in his OB/GYN rotation and has had some crazy schedules. We were glad to have the time to go as a family.


julie Tandberg said...

These pictures look like some good calendar pictures. How fun.

Steve and Ashley said...

We love the pumpkin patch too. You have some cute little girls, I'm glad you guys had fun. We went today and it was raining- you guys were much smarter and went when it was warmer and drier. ;)

Jamie and Ryan said...

That picture of Lyla on the pumpkin is too cute! :)

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