October 12, 2009

Happy First Birthday Lylah Marie (September 16, 2009)

So, as usual I am way behind, but here it is!
Lylah turned one year old this fall! I can't believe it! She took her first step on her birthday and is just starting to take off on her own.

I made her a butterfly cake (out of round cakes and cupcakes). It was my first time really trying to decorate a cake, it ended up being a huge cake!

There's our birthday girl!

I'm not sure who actually blew the candles out. Lylah tried to get it with her fingers.

So... this is how she started out, nice and dainty...

... how did we get to this?
She really enjoyed her cake! She just kept eating, handful after handful. Eventually we had to just take it away so she wouldn't have to have too bad of a stomachache.

Sweet birthday girl.

Mariah made Lylah a birthday present. She was so excited for Lylah to open it.

Mariah painted a piggy bank for her, it turned out really cute!


Skylar and Lauren said...

I loved the cake-so cute chrystal..I mean seriously, is there anything that u can't do amazingly well??? too cute!

julie Tandberg said...

What a beautiful cake and what beautiful girls!!! Happy Birthday Lylah!!!