September 05, 2009

Mariah's Ladybug Birthday Party

This summer Mariah turned 3 years old and had a ladybug party! I have had some requests for some pictures of it, so here they are.
When the kids first arrived they made a ladybug crown.

We were so excited that my mom and little sister Afton, my aunt Denise, and Aunt Hazel could be here with us for the party. My Aunt Denise made Mariah a ladybug cake.

We had ladybugs everywhere!!! Even Lylah was a ladybug!

The kids loved playing in Mariah's ladybug tent, looking at ladybug books, playing with ladybug toys and balloons!
We went through a series of clues to help the ladybug queen who would visit at the end of the party!

#1 Ladybugs are lucky and so are you, today it's important to follow each clue! If you can do this with the help of the crew, I'll send the ladybug queen to visit you

#2 If you're a ladybug it's important to fly, so I want you to give it a try, find a leaf and place it on the ground, turn on the music and fly around
We flitted around from leaf to leaf like ladybugs listening to a ladybug song until the music stopped.
#3 Ladybugs love to climb around on green leaves, see if you can land a ladybug on a leaf with a big heave!
I didn't get a picture of them playing with the ladybug bean bags I made, they tried to get them to land on the leaves.

#4 All good ladybugs have spots that are black, help my friend put hers back!
We had to help the ladybug get her spots back on (the spots were inside red ladybug balloons, some of the kids were a little afraid of popping the balloons to get the spots out).

#5 You've solved all the clues - you're a really great bunch! But before the queen visits, let's have some lunch!
We even ate ladybug strawberries and bug crackers, along with a lot of other yummy food that my mom and aunts who were visiting helped make.

At the end of the party, the ladybug queen visited us in the form of a pinata that Mariah worked hard to help me make!


Emily Marie said...

That is so cute! Good job Mom! Glad you guys are doing well!

Skylar and Lauren said...

Wow Crystal! Umm...that was fantastic! U are sooo creative! So sad we were out of town! But seriously, that was the cutest, bet birthday party in the world! well done woman!

Randrea said...

What a party! I can't believe how big she's getting!

Steve and Ashley said...

That was honestly the most darling birthday party I have ever seen. You are so creative, and you have the cutest little ladybugs.

julie Tandberg said...

Wow Chrystal!! What a cute birthday party. Happy Birthday little Mariah!! Now next week is Lylah's birthday. I am sad I have to miss the fun. We love those girls.

Chelsey said...

That's such a cute theme! She is just getting so big!

Lily said...

Hello... I am planning a ladybug party for our 1yr. old in a few months. I came across your blog online, and I was wondering what themed food you made. We are doing a lunch party and I can not come up with anything but sweets... Any ideas?