May 27, 2009

Quick update on our girls

Here is our sweet Lylah. She is such a happy baby. At 8 months she's not much of a mover. She is content to sit and play. She is just starting to scoot backwards on her belly.
This picture was taken on the UVA campus after a beautiful hike near Charlottesville on Steven's one day off after his last test and before beginning to study for the boards.
She really loves to eat! (As evidenced by her rolls and chubby cheeks) She loves her rice cereal and is starting to love green beans and carrots.

This was the first time I gave her applesauce. She made all sorts of funny faces. Now I mix it with her rice cereal and she likes it better.

Mariah has decided that she wants to be a Doctor like her Daddy. Almost every day she puts on her little backpack and gets on her tricycle and tells me that she is going to class with Daddy to be a Doctor. In this picture she was "being" a Doctor. Look what Steven has to look forward to as a Doctor, I must say that Mariah's idea of a Doctor is very attractive. :)
Mariah and Lylah got matching ladybug rainjackets for Easter. Mariah loves to wear hers and use her ladybuf umbrella. She had a blast this spring when we had a ton of rain, splashing in puddles and playing outside.

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julie Tandberg said...

It is so fun to catch up on pictures and on what the girls are doing. So sweet.